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Fuel System Cleaning

RECOMMENDED: Every 15,000 miles or annually, Improves Fuel Economy, Reduces Emissions, Restores Lost Power & Performance, Improves Drivability

Transfer Case Service

Transfer Case Service. Helps increase performance as well as extend the life of the transfer case and its components

Transmission Service Kit

RECOMMENDED: Every 2 years, or 24,000 miles helps:
Improve Performance: Extend the Life and Reliability of the Transmission, Maintain Warranty Requirements, Promote a more complete drain of used ATF and contaminants, Improve ATF circulation
Reduce Heat - the number one enemy of a transmission!, Improve shift quality, Reduce wear, Improve lubrication of all transmission parts, Clean and condition seals.

Reasons why to choose Flash Lube for your oil change service


10 MINUTE SERVICE Express Oil to service and repair your vehicle quickly and correctly


CUSTOMER SUPPORT Bilingual customer support! English and Spanish.


BEST SYNTEC OIL Castrol Edge with Syntec Power Technology Motor Oil


SERVICE GUARANTEE Our experts differ on how often is best and there are considerations, too


17 POINTS CHECK 17 point inspection including oil and filter replacement


WELL TRAINED Our auto mechanics need latest skills to succeed in industry

Flash Lube LLC

Flash Lube 1026 Summit Avenue Jersey City, 07307 NJ United States Ph: 201-222-1022 & 1088 Email:support@flashlube.net

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VIP Customer Card!

Come in to Flash Lube First-time customers will receive a VIP customer card and get $5.00 off their next oil change!

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Flash Lube Coupons!

Have you lost your coupon? Print one out now! Don't worry! Can also get your instant $5.00 off on your oil change by sending "flashlube" to "55678" as a text message.

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  • Packages!

    Oil change (up to 5 Qt) Transmission Service (Kit ) Transmission Flush (up to 16 Qt ), Transmission Treatment. Automatic transmissions tend to be the most neglected major component of a vehicle.

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  • Flash Lube Packag I

    It is recommended that, automatic transmissions are serviced regularly as per manufacturer's recommendation. An automatic transmission can be safely treated preventative maintenance...

  • Flash Lube Packag II

    Engine Motor Oil Flush Many oil-change chains offer extra services these days, from transmission fluid changes to air conditioning maintenance.

  • Flash Lube Packag III

    Anti-Rust Radiator Treatment Corrosion is the primary cause of malfunctions in heating systems. Not only does it deteriorate the components of the system, but over the years corrosion significantly reduces efficiency, increasing consumption and, as a result, operating costs.


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Engines Clean
Posted on January 14, 2014
Exceptional Ability: Everyday stop-and-go driving is a major cause of sludge buildup in engines. When put to the test, the results were clear: Mobil 1™ can clean up virtually all engine sludge aft ..
17-Points Check up!
Posted on January 14, 2014
At Flash Lube, our oil change service consists of a 17 point inspection including oil and filter replacement, chassis lubrication, topping off essential fluids, inspecting wipers, air filter, belts ..

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Flash Lube LLC
1026 Summit Avenue NJ, 07307, US
Ph: 201-222-1022 & 1088
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
From: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m
& Sunday until 6:00 p.m

Flash Lube

Parking spaces are available for those who are waiting. You may also wait in the waiting room even if your car is not inside but you are in line for an oil change. Enjoy our tea or fresh coffee, the air conditioning and TV inside.

Edynilsa Pichardo Perez

Love Flash Lube services! They are careful with our cars, precise, and so fast!

Stephanie Clifford
Best place for an affordable oil change!! I wouldn't go anywhere else, not even the Nissan dealer!!!
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